Monday, October 18, 2010

You Have to Believe We are Magic...Nothin' can Stand in Our Way

Ello, Baykahs!
You're not going to BELIEVE the week I've had...because I DON'T believe it myself! THIS was a big one...BIGGER THAN EVER.

It all started with PINK WEEK. We raised quite a bit of money (for OUR standards!) for the Susan G. Komen For the Cure Foundation, and had a TON of fun making our cupcakes and HAIR pink!

*FULL DISCLOSURE: My hair will be pink for a was a STAIN that goes away gradually, but if you're BLONDE it sticks a round for a WHILE. SO, you may get to see it if you run into me in the next MONTH!

THEN, there was the CAKES this week...Brian had taken one of his most DARING cakes of all: a three-tier, topsy-turvy, TOP HAT-TOPPED wedding cake complete with handmade gumpaste flowers. He LOVES a challenge, and THIS cake proved to be one of the MOST challenging of all. IF we had a cake reality show it would have been the cake that almost BROKE us. BUT, it didn' turned out AMAZING, and he couldn't have been more proud.

THEN, I got to speak at the BLOG WORLD Expo about THIS little blog you're reading RIGHT NOW! I was honored to be a part of a panel on Local Las Vegas bloggers and how it feels to blog about Las Vegas comings and goings...BEST PART? I got to meet on of MY blogging idols, Nichelle, from CUPCAKES TAKE THE CAKE!!
*Full Disclosure: I literally had a STARSTRUCK moment when I met her. I was like a little kid meeting Santa Claus "YOU REALLY DO EXIST!"

Blogworld was a GREAT experience that I WISH I could have had a little MORE was held on a SATURDAY, and getting three hours off to attend was a feat like NO OTHER. I RACED there and it never happened....maybe NEXT year I can actually ATTEND some panels and LEARN something...(I REALLY am a computer nerd at heart).

Finally this week, there was the JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE Shriner's Open CAKE....and a DAY at the FIJI Water Youth Clinic WITH Justin Timberlake..........

*Full Disclosure: Yes. I realize my life has gotten increasingly CRAZY surreal, and please know that I am so thankful and grateful very every minute of it. It's days like YESTERDAY that make me so glad that I work as hard as I do...because it DOES pay off...and it's really great to be a part of such a fabulous charity and a fabulous EVENT. Did we meet Justin? NO. Did we get to spend 2 hours 20 feet away from Justin? YES. GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME!!!!

Retro was lucky enough to be asked to donate a Photo Cake, 250 mini cupcakes, and 55 regular cupcakes to feed the kids at the Fiji Water Kids' Clinic Kick OFF event for the Justin Timberlake Shriner's Open (happening ALL this week!) Each child attending got a back pack full of goodies, a cupcake, and an afternoon watching Justin golf and do trick shots with the TRICK SHOT MASTER, Peter Johncke.
The day couldn't have been MORE perfect...watching all those kids (a lot of whom have never had a chance to BE on a golf course since they're in the hospital so much), have a GREAT time eating cupcakes and cheering on was sincerely MAGICAL. We were SO honored to be a part of it.

*Full Disclosure: it's days like yesterday that make all the hard work worth it. I truly LOVE being able to donate what we can to make a difference in someone else's life.

SO, as I ride on THIS high for a while...Enjoy the Cupcakes/Cakes O' the Week!

Fondant bride and groom cupcake tower topper cake (figures made by Brian):

Baby Shower cake (made to match the invitation):

Pink and maroon topsy turvy wedding cake:

Party Hat mini cupcakes (party hat toppers provided by the customer):

And here's MORE of the BIG DADDY OF THE WEEK:

Close up view of Brian's FABULOUS flowers:
Baykahs, THAT IS IT....
My head is STILL full and trying to process what ACTUALLY happened this week...

It was a GREAT WEEK to be a BAYKAH.



RockerJewlz said...

What fun events to remind you of your must be all that tweeting!

Heather and Billy said...

Wow! I LOVE the Shriner event cake and cupcakes! Happy late birthday to you. I think you have gotten better and better (and I'm a little envious that you're barely older than me and you are living your dream WITH your family). ;) Great job lady!

Joanie said...

Hey there, Kari, I didn't realize when I went into the store the day before BlogWorld that you'd also be there. I didn't find out until later. I bought a couple cupcakes from you, one of which was a gift for a BlogWorld attendee who's into cooking. I'd been talking about you for so long, he had to try a cupcake! (He loved it!)

I was glad to hear you were a part of the panel and that people got to see your bright spirit for themselves.

Even better? Watching TV last night and seeing Retro Bakery mentioned as they showed the cake and Justin and all the fun the kids were having.

THAT is the definition of success, if you ask me: Giving kids the gift of laughter and hope.

Thanks for all you do!