Monday, October 4, 2010

I've Been Feeling SO Much Older...Frame ME, and Hang Me on the Wall

Ello, My SWEET Bakahs!
Happy MONDAY! Yes. HAPPY!!! I really AM happy. I've had week to work through those feelings of inadequacy and regret from making stupid mistakes, and I feel MUCH better...and a little older.

WHY? Because it was my birthday on Saturday....I am 35.


35 is BIG to feels substantial. It feels LEGIT. It feels OLD. BUT, I don't FEEL 35...I've been told I don't look 35 (whatever 35 looks like...), BUT I'm trying to embrace it and say it as much as I can, so my brain can accept it. (my HEART will always be 17...).

This birthday was pretty special simply because so many of YOU let me know how much you care about me, and THAT made me feel so good that the age thing didn't even HIT me. I felt so appreciated and cared about that I really didn't care that my thirties are 1/2 way done... When you have people that care about you, then it really doesn't matter HOW old you are. It just matters that YOU show them how much YOU care about them TOO, SO:

THANK YOU ALL for your wishes and messages and FABULOUS gifts on my birthday. I want you all to know that you really matter to me, and I am so thankful to have you all in my life.

FULL DISCLOSURE: SPECIAL shout out to Stephanie Hoffstadt in OREGON and Porche Lovely in COLORADO who went out of their way to send me some pretty awesome STUFF! These two women know me better than I know myself some days. THANK YOU, GIRLS!

What did Brian give me??
Well, the best gift EVER (besides my GIRLS!): a PRINTED book version of THIS BLOG. (who knew you could do that??). It looked like a TEXT BOOK! (who knew I could write THAT much???). It was one of the best gifts I've ever received. I was so overwhelmed. It was amazing seeing all the pictures from the past, all the song titles, all the MEMORIES on paper...totally different than on a screen. It felt so OFFICIAL! (He also took me to the TOP of the Rio Hotel where we ate dinner at VooDoo Lounge followed by seeing PENN AND TELLER!!!! LOVE those guys!).

Overall, 35 doesn't feel as bad as my 17-year-old self THOUGHT it was going to feels a lot like 17, with just a little more BODY CREAKING.

Speaking of BODIES: Let's get to the CUPCAKES/CAKES O' the WEEK!

Crime Scene birthday cake:

Record cupcakes:

Irish birthday cake (Cinnamon Toast CAKE!):
Buzz and Woody-inspired Toy Story cupcakes:

Black and pink zebra bow cake:Skull birthday cake (GLAZED DONUT CAKE!):

ANOTHER pink and black zebra cake:AND the Big Daddy of the Week:
A three-tier wedding cake HAND-PIPED by Brian himself...(he said he had to stay fresh with piping, since he usually leaves THAT to Kim Chew!):
That's IT...and YES, you don't see a birthday cake for ME in there...
Every year I get MY birthday cake at the grocery store. I eat white cake with vanilla butRcream ONCE a year, and it is FABULOUS. I know it's weird...but that's what makes me ME.

Here's to 35 MORE years of ME...let's just hope these years don't go so FAST...



Pink Little Cake said...

Great cakes.I am glad you had a wonderful birthday!I hope you got my Tweet.

faithy, the baker said...

Love all your cakes..and have been lurking around to oogle at your! Now out of the cover to wish you A Very Happy Birthday & Many Many Returns!

35 yo is not OLD! It's only the beginning! :D Remember, life begins at 40! So you're still a baby! And i'm only just beginning my as to speak..LOL!

abby jenkins said...

Excellent Cakes!

Happy Birthday to just keeps getting better!