Sunday, April 13, 2014

Be Still My Heart Cuz it's Freakin' Out...

Ello Baykahs-
It happened AGAIN this week....I met one of YOU!!!!!!!!!
You know...I started this blog seven years (7 YEARS?!?!!?!?) ago in order to get my thoughts together about building our bakery...then I realized something: PEOPLE ARE READING THIS SHI*T.

I really don't write for people to read. I write to get all the STRESS of running a bakery OUT of me...apparently, for your enjoyment. SO, when one of you walks through the door and says, "I've been reading your blog forever, and I just HAD to meet you" I kinda freak out.

But this time I knew you were coming...BUT YOU DIDN'T.

About a week ago I got an email from "Paul from the UK." He told me that his girlfriend who lives in SF has been reading my blog and wants to open her own bakery. AND the two of them are meeting for a vacation in Vegas...and can he arrange some time for her to meet and talk to a surprise for HER.

HOW RAD IS THAT??!?!?!?!

1) I never say no to a Brit
2) I never say no to romance...
3) I never say no to anyone....really.


In they walked...and she was SHOCKED! "He told me we were going to see some old Elvis thing...and then we kept driving, and HERE WE ARE AT THE BLOG PLACE!"


We chatted about the blog...about baking...about then and now and the future. IT WAS GREAT. It was so nice to see someone at the very beginning of her decision to change her life...sometimes I forget what it was like. And when your old self walks in to chat IT IS AMAZING because it is easy to forget where you started....that you were once a woman who wanted a change....and baking in your kitchen dreaming of a future....

Gina, you reminded me where the dream was. And I am thankful for that. I so hope you get your dream....wherever you decide to MAKE IT COME TRUE!!

Speaking of DREAMS...take a look at these DREAMY CAKES O' THE WEEK!

Gold glitter sugar-topped cake:

 "Married in Fabulous Las Vegas" cupcake tower:

"Married in Fabulous Las Vegas" two-tier "BLING and BLOOMS" cake:

 Fondant Gold wedding cake (topper by customer):

The "Pink and Yellow Fondant Roses" wedding cake:

When dreams FINALLY become reality it becomes a little fuzzy of why they were your dreams to begin with...especially when you're seven years in and exhausted. But, when a ball of energy like GINA comes in and reminds you how lucky you are to be a baykah, it all comes back to you.

To Gina and Paul: GOOD LUCK TO YOU!! You're welcome to visit any time!!! And best of luck on your new adventure in BAKING!!!


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Anonymous said...

I remember when I first found your bakery 6.75 years ago. 6 Friends rented a house for a week while attending a convention in Vegas. I had the pool all to myself while they were gone all day. One day they called at noon and said "we're bringing 6 more people for dinner tonight. Get rotisserie chickens, salad and a really good dessert". I was reading the newspaper at the time and saw an ad "It's all about the buttercream". SOLD ! I'm just glad the ad didn't say "we are a REAL long drive from your rental home" or I might never have found Retro. You know what I always say, "you gotta find a really great dessert just in case the chickens are lousy".