Sunday, November 17, 2013

You Might Think I'm Crazy, But All I Want is You...

Ello Baykahs-
This week was literally CAKE. We made the cakes. We made the cupcakes. We sold them. There were no HUGE mistakes (except a broken bow I had to fix on the fly) and just one shouting match in the bakery.

*FULL DISCLOSURE: If you're divorced and order your child's cake that your EX has to pick might want to pay for it. Or else you might end up on the bad end of a phone call in the middle of a bakery in front of teen-aged counter girls.

Other than those little bumps in the week it was really CAKE. So, I sit here and as I read everyone ELSE'S lists of what THEIR grateful for on Facebook...I thought I'd write MY list here because I literally NEVER take time to BE grateful. I just move through the day from one problem to the next...never stopping to be thankful OR grateful for ALL the things I should be. SO here it goes....


My husband: We're together 24/7, and he is as equally crazy as I am...which is exactly why we're successful. Our crazy is different, meaning we are both crazy about different things in the bakery, which makes everything somehow WORK.

My FULL TIME Crew: Kim Chew and  Snazzy to start. These two are my Head Cake Girl and My Head Baker. They're with me more than my own kids and husband. We three handle LOTS of problems and solutions together, and we seem to get through each week with smiles and LOTS and LOTS of stories. WE really ARE family.

My Mom: She's always there fillin' in where I can't. She makes sure my children have things to do (non-bakery related) on the weekend, and makes sure that I'm ok when I'm not.

My PART TIME Crew: I have five counter girls now (YES, 5!!!), and I have one dish man (MAN because he's over 18), and they all make sure each and every order is charged and ready to go when they need to be (so I don't have to). They keep the cupcakes fresh and ready and make sure that your birthday cake says what it should...where it should. What I am MOST grateful about is that they make sure that YOU are VERY welcome at Retro because you ARE. We are VERY grateful for our customers, and these girls are happy to help you with whatever you need.

My friends...some I see everyday and some I've never met in person: There are a couple of you out there that REALLY know what's up in my life, and I am so happy that you are my sounding boards. You let me rant and rave about ANYTHING, and you always have the best advice. You keep me SOMEWHAT sane, but above all you let me know that I am NOT alone in the world of cake...or parenting.

Notice that THINGS are not on this list??? And that is the real lesson. PEOPLE are what I am most grateful for. Yes. I have a new house that I love. Yes, I have a car that I think is the cutest ever. BUT, it's the people that I invite to the house or drive in my car that I am the MOST grateful for. THEY give me hope, strength, love, and support...and that is what I am MOST grateful for.

Oh yeah...and I'm grateful for the CAKES O' The WEEK!!!

 Spiral rustic buttercream cake with fondant peony:

 Quilted fondant with BLING borders and monogram:

Buttercream present with fondant bow and tag:

Dr. Suess-inspired birthday cake (buttercream with fondant accents):

 And the INCREDIBLE Big Daddy cake of the week:
The WOODLAND baby shower cake:

I am also grateful for YOU....whoever you are reading this blog and giving me a reason to type on these keys every week. Thank you.
NOW...what are YOU  grateful for???


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