Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hush Now Baby...Baby...Don't You Cry

Ello Baykahs!

Mother's Day is here...our second busiest holiday of the year. Retro has been so busy that I have been going in an HOUR earlier for the last two days...and I realized something. 4:20 a.m. is morning. 3:20 a.m. is NIGHT. There is a huge, I won't be doing THAT again. It just makes me feel like a ZOMBIE. But, when it's your business it's WHAT YOU DO. Someone has to do it...and it's always YOU.....kinda like being a MOM.

I've been a mom a LOT longer than I've been a boss, but it's literally exactly the same. Babies love them. Employees give them some advice, some baked goods...and some love.

You see, no matter how I try to separate the MOM me and the BOSS me, it is impossible. I am a MOM first, so that is what happens...I want to take care of things. I want to HELP. I want to make sure that people are walking down the right paths and help them back on their feet when they're having troubles. It's the MOM in me that just can't let it go. I truly CARE about my employees...current or otherwise. I LOVE them. They are like my little birds...and they know it.

If my Retro family needs anything they ALWAYS have me (and Brian for that matter) to come matter what. We ARE a family at Retro. You work for us, you get a second family. It's part of the deal....even as we've been getting bigger and hiring more people, that fact hasn't changed. It's my favorite part of the business. We genuinely care about each and every one of our employees. They are FAMILY. Even when they haven't worked for us in two years...they can ALWAYS come back and get advice...hugs...or just a cupcake and a good cry.

 Being a mother is my calling. Yes. I can bake....BUT, being a mom....that is my IT. I love it. Abbi and Lucy are my only reasons for truly BEING. My Retro kids? They just are MORE to love.

Happy Happy Happy Mother's Day.

NOW...THE CAKES O' The WEEKS (since I was too lazy to post last week):

"Rustic" buttercream style cake with real roses:
 Doggie Birthday cake:

"Rolled" fondant roses wedding cake (to top a cupcake tower):

Black and Yellow wedding cake:

LOVE and Initials wedding cake (to top a cupcake tower):

Pirate birthday cake:

Damask wedding cake (with real ribbon and brooch):

S swirl wedding cake with real flowers on top:

Married in Fabulous Las Vegas wedding cake (to top a cupcake tower):

 King and Queen of Hearts wedding cupcake tower:

And the BIG DADDY OF THE WEEK! It's the Chevrons and Succulent wedding cake!

I will now celebrate my Mother's Day with MY mother...who without HER none of THIS would be possible.


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Benita said...

I really enjoy reading your blog, it's been such an inspiration to me. I've never commented, but wanted to thank you!