Sunday, April 28, 2013

It's So Easy to Fall in Love...It's So Easy to FAALL in Love

Ello Baykahs!
Another week in the books...this one was a doozy. This week wasn't really all that elaborate in you will see in my lack of pictures, but it was full of cupcake tower weddings! In fact, we had so many deliveries and set ups that Brian was gone the entire day on Saturday racing around town setting them all up.

Yup. BRIAN sets them up. It's not me out there...or someone we hire. It's HIM. He is a master of the cupcake set up. There is something to be said about proper spacing and placement for each cupcake that you just can't do if you've never done it before. That's why we always recommend us setting it up if you have more than three dozen. It just starts to get messy, and frankly, it's a lot of work to make it look like no work at all.

That's the trick to this LOOKS really easy. You bake. You make. You sell. So, EVERYONE thinks they could do it...It's just cupcakes, right???! WRONG. The reason it looks easy is because WE'RE working so hard. You prep and prep and prep: making toppings, making over 24 different flavors of cake and buttercream, baking cookies...all before 8 am (10 am on Saturday). THEN you attack all the "pre-orders" as I call them (orders placed for cupcake pick up that day), making sure they're ready for pick up at their proper times AND the custom orders are ready for deliveries...and THEN while you're doing all that five people have stopped in through out the day to talk over their wedding, you have to stop and start constantly. It's a ticking clock over your head ALL DAY, especially on Saturdays.

But, YOU just see the fabulous wedding tower that Brian sets up at your wedding...or the cute box of six cupcakes asking your future date to Prom. And that's the way it SHOULD be....It's our CHALLENGE every week to finish EVERYTHING on time...and make sure everything is decorated properly and tasting delicious. THAT'S the CHALLENGE of it all.

It's been a little MORE challenging than usual this week simply because my PHONE battery has decided to not keep a charge, so I literally got only three pictures this week just because of BRIAN. So, let's check out what he's managed to snap pictures of after his set ups:


 Mini cupcakes on platters with a 6-inch cutting cake:

Tangerine fondant flowers wedding cupcake tower (with both minis and regular cupcakes and flavor cards):

and the BIG DADDY of the WEEK:
The CIRCUIT BOARD birthday cake!!!!

The best part about this cake is that it says, "Trust me. I'm an engineer." BUT another cool part is that Brian's VERY first job out of high school was designing and making actual circuit boards. In fact, he has a patent on one of his designs....don't ask me what it's for...but, he DOES have it. This cake was a pretty full-circle moment for him...

Every week is another challenge to make it look easy...and taste even better than it looks. It's what gets me up every day...


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