Sunday, March 24, 2013

And I Just Can't Seem to Get Enough Of ...

Ello Baykahs!
Yup. Here I am EARLY on Sunday morning BLOGGING. I can't give it, not really. The fact is I have a sore throat and can't sleep, so I might as well chat it up with YOU about my week.

Remember when I told you last week that things were getting a little STALE....well,  be careful what you wish for.....because THIS week we were SO busy with orders that every single day felt like Saturday (our busiest day).

Believe me, I am VERY thankful for the business, but when there is NO rest between days your body has nothing better to do than to get SICK....but, I don't think this sore throat is REALLY sickness. I honestly think is SPRING-itis. When the wind starts blowing 35 miles per hour and the temps range from 80 to 50 to 68 to 40 all in one week your body just doesn't know what to do....except get sore. I always feel a little OFF this time of body starts gearing up for the EXTREME temps to come (which is the EXACT reason why I moved to Vegas: the HEAT).

Speaking of was an EXTREMELY busy week for cakes, so of COURSE I barely got any pics. Brian DID manage to get a here are the Cakes O' the Week!

Square fondant wedding cake with fresh roses and real ribbon (with silver dragees):

Topsy-Turvy birthday cake with fondant bow (all buttercream base):

Fondant flowers on buttercream cake (with real ribbon):

Vegas Dice mini cupcake tower (fondant dice on top with poker chips for dots):

And the SMALL Daddy of the Week: The "She loves Coffee and Cupcakes" birthday cake (cup and cupcake made from Rice Krispie treats and fondant with hand-painted accents):

NOW...I'm gonna enjoy my Sunday....and this Spring weather.


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