Sunday, February 3, 2013

I Never Knew...I Never Knew That Everything was Fallin' Though...

Ello Baykahs!

Five years and 23 hours ago is EXACTLY is when I wrote THIS:

"Happy Sunday, Bakers!

Usually, I am sitting in my kitchen corner, blogging away with my iced coffee in the early hours of the morning. Where am I today? I am blogging on my MY BAKERY!!!!!!!! I'm watching the traffic roll by, the rain spinkle down, and the rainbow in the sky all from my BAKERY WINDOWS!!!
It's very exciting and VERY odd at the same time. I'm having trouble writing today. Usually, it just flows out, and it is what it is....but today, I'm a bit OFF (yes, I'm always off....but that was an easy joke to make)...

What am I doing now?
I'm standing beside my cash register (empty...FYI), and listening to my husband put together our NSF shelving we found at Wal-Mart last night (helpful hint for Bakery Wannabes: Sams Club may be cheap, but if you walk next door to Wal-Mart, it may be CHEAPER).

Brian and I are SO close to having everything done on our To Do List!! And, thanks to my Sudie, we got Publisher, so we can finish our flyers tonight (scratch that, so I can finish our flyers tonight...Brian will be entertaining his parents who are here for the weekend). I've GOT to get those done and to a printer ASAP.

Ok...enough blogging...I can't do it today. I do not like typing on a lap top (too many backspaces due to large fingers on small keys)...AND I've got to clean my floors, polish my floors, and finish setting up the shelves.

I hear there's a big game on tv'll be the first time in years it isn't a priority.

Laytah, Bakers."


Retro was one week from being open...I was one second from being put in a straight jacket. I remember the feeling of equal parts excitement and terror. We didn't know what the hell we were least that's what I think NOW.

I look back at this blog (thank GOD I wrote it, so I can see what CRAZY really looks like), and I see that I really was just a crazy woman on a mission with a man that would follow her into FIRE if he had to. I was leading my family into a place where we had NO IDEA what would happen. We spent our ENTIRE life savings...quit a job that could have taken care of us in FULL luxury...gave up a life with two days off, vacations, BENEFITS, do WHAT??? BAKE CUPCAKES????????


I see now that I had a vision of our future, but not of THIS current future. My vision was just to open a cupcake shop and that's it. I never DARED to dream about what Retro has BECOME. I never dreamed of cakes...or cookies...or being voted "BEST NEIGHBORHOOD BAKERY" by Desert Companion Magazine! I couldn't SEE this future because it was  BIGGER than I ever DARED to DREAM!

I was "just a mom" who wanted something ELSE. I had stayed home for almost 10 years. I had supported and watched my husband get quite a successful restaurant career, and as wonderful as being a housewife is (yes, it REALLY has its perks) I wanted something for ME (yes, I know that is selfish...but ya only live ONCE) (YES, I JUST YOLO'd).

Retro was just supposed to be our family bakery that supported our little family of four. And, it still IS that. But, it now supports THREE families, AND has eight total employees?? YES. BUTTERCREAM pays the bills in THREE houses around Centennial Hills. And, I NEVER thought I'd be typing THAT sentence.

I am so thankful to be able to continue my business after five years. I have a NEW "little" family in my crew at Retro. I love them all. They are the the BACK BONE of my business now. I could NOT do this just with Brian anymore. Kim, Snazzy, Dirty, Danyelle, Ashley, Cassie, Hunter, and Slash are the REASON we are as successful as we are. ALL of us have a stake in this little bakery now. I am SO PROUD to be working along side them.

Above all, I am thankful we have always REMEMBERED who we ARE: a FAMILY BUSINESS. Retro's family is a little larger now, but all of us work JUST as hard to make sure this business will support ALL of our families for a very, very long time.

Now, we're making a 5-tier SHOW cake for Retro's birthday (SHOW cake means it's fondant-covered styrofoam, so it can stay out all day), so GET READY for THAT pic next week. Until then...

Here's the CAKES O' the WEEK!

Lots O' Love birthday cake (all fondant):

Zebra Sweet 16 birthday cake (fondant zebra cut outs on buttercream):

 Three tier S Swirl wedding cake (all buttercream with fresh roses):

And the BIG DADDY of the WEEK:
Hand-painted leopard fondant birthday cake (edible, fondant bow):

Here we are five years after I wrote that blog, and Retro is a REAL business with REAL employees with a REAL bright future ahead. I am SO honored to be a part of it.



tom watkins products guy said...

love the hat cake!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for 5 years of hard work. If every cupcake brings a smile, I wonder how many SMILES you are personally responsible for in all that time?

Retro rocks!