Sunday, February 24, 2013

Accidentally Kelly Street...Where Friends and Strangers Sometimes Meet

Ello Baykahs-
When we thought about opening Retro five years ago our only thoughts were about  a cupcake shop...that's it. If you wanted cupcakes, WE WOULD HAVE THEM. Then, I realized that people would probably want cakes in our cool flavors, so we put those on the menu, but just basic designs resembling the big deal. And then there was THE question we kept hearing OVER AND OVER AGAIN, "Do you do custom cakes?"

At the time when we opened, Cake Boss had just premiered on TLC  and Ace of Cakes was SUPER POPULAR on Food Network, so EVERYONE wanted that SHOWPIECE cake for their wedding or birthday party. But, we had ZERO idea how to make those cakes...and I mean ZERO. Yet, we kept hearing that question...and people kept walking OUT of our bakery and going somewhere ELSE. So, we hired a girl who had just randomly come in and offered her, she became our cake person for a while...BUT as most of you who run your own shops KNOW...things change, people move on...and eventually it all comes down to YOU no matter WHAT. So, Brian started doing cakes.

He is an ARTIST. He can build ANYTHING...sculpt ANYTHING...hand-paint ANYTHING. This is CRUCIAL for being a cake artist. Being able to create cakes was just something that WORKED OUT because he is SUCH a great artist that after practicing and practicing, he MASTERED cake....and fondant.

This is not something we planned. This is just one of the HAPPIEST accidents that will go down in Retro's history as what set us UP for success. If we can pinpoint the ONE reason of why we're still here after five years it's CAKE.

Cupcakes are great. They are fun flavors. They are delicious...everyone loves them...but they don't NEED them. People NEED cake. People get married. People have birthdays. And, as beautiful as cupcake towers are at those events...a custom CAKE is what MOST people want...and THANK GOD I have a husband who can make THE most beautiful wedding and birthday cakes I've ever seen.

This week? Brian (and our full-time Cake Girl, Kim) created THREE of the CUTEST cakes in our HISTORY.

Take a look at our CAKES O' THE WEEK!!!

 Snow White-inspired birthday cake (fondant apple!!):

Fondant bows on mini cupcakes:

Pink owl birthday cake (fondant owl!!):

And the BIG DADDY of the WEEK:
Tetris-inspired wedding cake!!!!!

Custom cakes keep EVERYTHING fresh at the bakery. The designs are always NEW and fun and CHALLENGING. I am SO thankful that Brian has this incredible talent, and that KIM is SO good at piping and finishing work. Cakes are VERY hard work...but they are THE most rewarding part of being a BAYKAH.



Cynthia Marcano said...

Love the owl cake. Too cute!

Anonymous said...

Every week brings the cutest cakes ever, it seems.

And I cringe every time I see one.

You see, years ago I ran a courier service. It's beyond me how you manage to get all those cakes delivered without them toppling, dropping, sliding,falling or melting. Kudos to Brian.