Monday, January 28, 2013

I Know...I'll Never Love This Way Again...

Ello Baykahs!!!

I know, I know...I'm LATE...but, HEY! I was out with my favorite news reporter, Edward Lawrence, celebrating his birthday on Saturday night, and let's just say I wasn't up to doing ANYTHING on Sunday.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I mixed too many drinks...and Brian needed a carwash. That's all you REALLY need to know.

So, instead of boring you with my "I was busy all week, and then I got drunk" post, I will launch you over to ANOTHER blog who just did a really cool "better know a vendor" post on YOUR FAVORITE Baykah!

Check it out here: 

Who knew I always wanted to be a QVC host??? Probably just a few of you...

After a week like I had, I wasn't surprised that I ended up not knowing WHEN to say WHEN. It was a tough one...BUT, I did get to take some FABULOUS pics of some of our BEST cakes this week!

Take a look at our and Cupcakes and Cakes O' the WEEK!

Fondant police badge cupcakes:

Buttercream "ruffles" cake (fondant bow):

Baby Biscuits baby shower cake:

Three-tier silver dragees and double hearts wedding cake (all buttercream):

Peace and Love birthday cake:

Black Jack table birthday cake:

Quilted fondant with zebra stripe birthday cake:

Edward's birthday cake!! He had run with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, this year, so I wanted to celebrate THAT amazing event in cake form...but, the cake got the HORN!! Best part? It was vanilla cake with CINNAMON BUTTERCREAM!!!! It tasted AMAZING!!!

Now...I'm going to try to remember to NOT mix my drinks AND drink WATER every other drink....To think that I used to be a party girl...I'm such a rookie now.


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