Sunday, January 20, 2013

I Just Can't Stop Lovin' YOU...

Ello Baykahs!
This week I proved to myself that I could do something: BAKE CINNAMON ROLLS.

OHH!! Cinnamon Rolls!! Are you selling them???

And I also proved something ELSE to myself this week: I just can't sell them.

Here's the deal. All my life I have been scared of cinnamon rolls. I love them. I eat them. BUT, I do NOT bake them. Why? Because my Great Auntie Marm was the QUEEN of cinnamon rolls. They were HER thing. She made THE most incredible rolls for every single holiday that no one on EARTH could top, I was intimidated from the very start. How could I do cinnamon rolls that could even come close???  I couldn't. So, I didn't....EVER.

Until this week.

For some reason I have been OBSESSED with baking cinnamon rolls. It has been in my head CONSTANTLY, I began searching around for the perfect recipe (I have my Great Aunt's, but it's kind of  "a little of this...a little of that," so it's not really a recipe), and I found one that was VERY close to hers. So, I baked them at Retro, and they turned out AMAZING. Since January is our slowest month of the year, I decided that I could TOTALLY add something else to the menu...and Cinnamon Rolls are the perfect idea!!


Cinnamon rolls are NOT the perfect addition. In fact, they are the exact opposite. Yes, they are yummy. Yes, they would sell like crazy...but, when you're a fairly busy cupcake shop even in the SLOW month, cinnamon rolls are not exactly the easiest thing to fit into your baking schedule.


Cinnamon rolls, when done RIGHT are very time consuming. You're making sure things are the perfect temp...then adding the perfect amount of flour...then making sure the yeast is the perfect amount of YEASTINESS (yes, that is a word in my vocabulary)...then you have to make sure you have kneaded the dough the perfect amount of time. THEN YOU WAIT...and WAIT...and WAIT.

Then you roll it out...cinnamon and sugar the insides (or add bacon like I did because I'm CRAZY), roll it up, cut them into rolls and HOPE they stay together, pan them...and then you wait AGAIN for the second rise. And THEN you bake them.

I'm exhausted just writing that. Now, do all this while having to make 24 different flavors of cupcakes and four different batches of cookies, and make sure to fill all your orders of mini cupcakes and custom orders by 10 a.m.

DID I MENTION THAT'S JUST ONE BATCH OF CINNAMON ROLLS??? If you're going to SELL them you better do it about 5 times...because they're THAT good, and they WILL sell.

Oh, the case is empty you have to make more cupcakes....

OH! Now the cinnamon rolls are done. Make the icing!!

See? I just couldn't do it. I tried four different times...all having delicious results, but when it came down to selling them on the day that we have the most foot traffic (Saturday), it's just too busy...even when we're "slow." It's ONLY going to get busier from now, cinnamon rolls will go in the "I tried my best, but it ain't gonna happen" category.

BUT, AT LEAST I TRIED. I now know that I CAN bake them. They ARE delicious...BUT, I need HELP doing it...and room to fit them in...and packaging to SELL them. Baking as a BUSINESS is a lot more than just baking and eating at home. As MUCH as I WANT to sell all comes down to MONEY and TIME...and ESPECIALLY packaging. And, I just don't have any of THAT.

I ALSO don't have many cake pics...This IS our slowest custom cake month, so I don't have any CRAZY pics. Just TWO Cakes O' the Week!

"Melted" ice cream cone birthday cake:

And the DRAGON birthday cake!

I did get to eat four trays of cinnamon rolls this week, so it's not a total loss. I'm hoping to add them SOMEWHERE in our distant future, because they ARE damn good...just DAMN hard to make.



k. said...

Making cinnamon rolls is a real pain. I use an overnight (in the fridge) recipe, and last time I made them I over baked them. Ugh. All that time, and they weren't nice and soft.

Packaging...those are tough to package. Maybe you could put them in those paperboard french-fry trays, but then you'd have to saran wrap them and that's a pain. hm .

Jenn @ Icing on the Cake said...

I just found your blog and I LOVE your cakes! I wish I could get some of mine to look that good!

Anonymous said...

You gots to try OLD WEST CINNAMON ROLLS in Pismo Beach, California. I bet they got your Aunt Marm beat!

Afterwards drive north to Avila Beach and the Avila Valley Barn. Olallieberry Pies and Crisps!

Come to think of it, Pismo would make a great vacation spot for your family. Allegiant Air has some really cheap flights from Vegas to nearby Santa Maria Ca. And you'll get to see a long-time cinnamon roll business in full operation. How DO they DO it???