Sunday, November 18, 2012

It's So Important to Make Someone Happy...

Ello Baykahs!
It's that time of year again: CHRISTMAS SHOPPING TIME!!! So, it's time for my annual GIFTS TO GET OR GIVE post!!!! It's the perfect list of gifts you want to GET for yourself or GIVE to your friends and family. This year I've come up with gifts from my OBSESSIONS: Food and Decor.

First up, a gift for the BAYKAH! The personalized dessert stand from Red

Next up for my friends who are OBSESSED with clocks (like myself) it's the BUBBLE CLOCK from West

And for my friends OBSESSED with cotton's a COTTON CANDY MAKER from Bed Bath and

This year I have been searching HIGH AND LOW for some bold, yellow-based art to FINALLY fill up my walls at home. On my wish list? This SPRAY CAN Lichtenstein from

As MANY of you know, I have the mouth of a SAILOR...and it's a habit that I don't REALLY want to break. I do swear A LOT...BUT, sometimes you have to hold it in, so this little F BOMB PAPERWEIGHT is the perfect way for me to swear without saying a word from Uncommon

Last up is the DREAM GIFT for Retro Bakery. I would LOVE to have one of these at my place...if I had the room and the $3900 to GET IT, it would be MINE! It's the ULTIMATE RETRO GIFT...a GIANT GUMBALL MACHINE from Hammacher .com:

Ok, Baykahs, you still have PLENTY of time to shop on-line, so GET TO IT...before it's too late for FREE SHIPPING!

WAIT! I forgot!!! I want to wish you a VERY Happy Thanksgiving. I'll be OFF next week for FOUR, WHOLE, I will savor every moment of FOOD AND FAMILY, and I hope you do too. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Thanksgiving.


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