Sunday, April 1, 2012

And Nothing Else Matters...

Ello Baykahs-
Happy SPRING BREAK! Yes, it's that time of year again...and this time I REALLY screwed up. For some reason we have been EXCESSIVELY busy lately, and it completely slipped my mind that Spring Break was coming up. So, here we are on the week of the school, and I have planned NOTHING. The kids have nothing to do...and the bakery is very, very, very slow (all the families are out of town until Saturday).
You would think with all the electronic reminder crap that I have that I would be able to tell myself that "HEY! Your kids are going to be trapped in a bakery for the next week. You MIGHT want to plan something..." But, I don't. I totally dropped the ball....and here they both are BORED and COMPLAINING to their parents.

This is MY life. I am always running four steps behind in a race that I will never win...but continuing to try and try and try and catch the front runner.
Oh well...

While I try to figure out what to do with my kiddies for the next seven days, YOU check out our Cakes O' the Week!:

Topsy-Turvy Birthday cake:

Leopard birthday cake:

Draped fondant wedding cake:
Football fan Groom's cake:

Pink and Black Silver Swirl wedding cake (topper provided by customers):
and the BIG DADDY of the WEEK:
You don't even KNOW how long it took Brian to pipe this one...

There is always something to DO in Las Vegas....except when you have kids. Suddenly, your choice of activities is limited to bike riding and kite flying (which gets even MORE limited when your kite gets stuck on your ROOF! OOPS!).

Will we have the family trips to the beach like I had as a kid? NOPE. But, we will be together...and I guess that's all that really matters.


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