Sunday, October 31, 2010


Happy Halloween!!!!

One of the PERKS of running your own bakery is getting to CREATE your own stuff for your FAVORITE holidays! What do WE do for Halloween???

The entire WEEK before Halloween we change EVERY name of EVERY cupcake into SPOOKY names (Hop Scotch is SLOP Scotch; Drumstick is DrumCRYPT; Milk and Cookies is FILTH and Cookies)...we play spooky music...and we DRESS UP! I honestly LOVE dressing up...THIS YEAR? We were Star Trek crew members. The costume was AWESOME. The boots??? NOT SO AWESOME. I made it three hours before I was back to FLATS.

*FULL DISCLOSURE: It was VERY weird having my hair FLAT. It hasn't been flat in YEARS. I felt a little TOO normal...I had it back HAWKED by the end of the night!

Abbi was a Cowgirl, and Lucy was a BAD Witch!

Oh YEAH, she's BAD alright!
My FAVORITE cupcake name of the week? COFFIN and Donuts complete with BLOOD.I LOVED IT. I am MUCH more of a GORE Halloween girl than SEXY Halloween girl....SO, next year? I want to be BLOODY AGAIN!!!!!

What did the CAKES look like this year??? CHECK 'EM:

1/2 and 1/2 9-inch cake:

Pink Pirate skull 1st birthday cake:
Black and white fondant flowers cupcake tower topper cake:

Black and lime birthday cake:

Black Vegas sign cake:

9-inch Spicy Pumpkin cake!!:
The ULTIMATE Halloween birthday cake:RAD Skulls cake:
and the BIG DADDY of the WEEK!!
Halloween VEGAS slots wedding cake:
Getting married IN Vegas ON Halloween??? JACKPOT.


Now that you're all FULL OF CANDY and in NEED of a REST: WATCH my Blogworld 2010 PEPSICO interview with Restaurant Business Magazine:

Monday, October 25, 2010

Cuz, Baby, TONIGHT... the DJ got Us Fallin' in Love Again

Ello, Baykahs!
Happy Monday! THIS is one of my favorite weeks of the year: HALLOWEEN WEEK!!!! I have loved Halloween my ENTIRE life, and it really shows in the cupcakes THIS week. I decorate all of them Halloween-style, reNAME them (Apple Cider is Apple SPIDER; Pink Lemonade is STINK Lemonade...), and decorate the bakery...I EVEN got a mini strobe light for the bottom of the CASE!!!

What are we dressing up as THIS year? I'm not gonna TELL!
Here's some hints: WELL, Abbi is 12, so family costumes are OUT (she's gotta be on her OWN, Baby!). BUT, she DOES love a good HAT.
Lucy hasn't decided if she'll be a good one or a bad one...
AND, Brian and I will be OUTTA THIS WORLD.

Not TOO hard to figure out....I'll give ya a WEEK to think about it!

While you think about what we could possibly be dressing up as for Halloween THIS WEEK, take a look at our Cakes/Cupcakes O' the WEEK from LAST week!

Spider Web cake:

Fall leaves wedding cake and cupcakes:

Glazed Donut Owl cake:

1950's Diner cake:
LOVE the milk shake on the side:Fondant starfish cake:

Lavender flowers wedding cupcakes:
Chocolate Fountain wedding cake topper:
Chocolate Fountain cupcake tower at the Platinum Hotel:
AND the Big Daddy of the Week:
I HEART Ball and Chain cake
Fall is definitely in the AIR at the bakery...I gotta go spray some "BLOOD" all over our cupcakes.


Monday, October 18, 2010

You Have to Believe We are Magic...Nothin' can Stand in Our Way

Ello, Baykahs!
You're not going to BELIEVE the week I've had...because I DON'T believe it myself! THIS was a big one...BIGGER THAN EVER.

It all started with PINK WEEK. We raised quite a bit of money (for OUR standards!) for the Susan G. Komen For the Cure Foundation, and had a TON of fun making our cupcakes and HAIR pink!

*FULL DISCLOSURE: My hair will be pink for a was a STAIN that goes away gradually, but if you're BLONDE it sticks a round for a WHILE. SO, you may get to see it if you run into me in the next MONTH!

THEN, there was the CAKES this week...Brian had taken one of his most DARING cakes of all: a three-tier, topsy-turvy, TOP HAT-TOPPED wedding cake complete with handmade gumpaste flowers. He LOVES a challenge, and THIS cake proved to be one of the MOST challenging of all. IF we had a cake reality show it would have been the cake that almost BROKE us. BUT, it didn' turned out AMAZING, and he couldn't have been more proud.

THEN, I got to speak at the BLOG WORLD Expo about THIS little blog you're reading RIGHT NOW! I was honored to be a part of a panel on Local Las Vegas bloggers and how it feels to blog about Las Vegas comings and goings...BEST PART? I got to meet on of MY blogging idols, Nichelle, from CUPCAKES TAKE THE CAKE!!
*Full Disclosure: I literally had a STARSTRUCK moment when I met her. I was like a little kid meeting Santa Claus "YOU REALLY DO EXIST!"

Blogworld was a GREAT experience that I WISH I could have had a little MORE was held on a SATURDAY, and getting three hours off to attend was a feat like NO OTHER. I RACED there and it never happened....maybe NEXT year I can actually ATTEND some panels and LEARN something...(I REALLY am a computer nerd at heart).

Finally this week, there was the JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE Shriner's Open CAKE....and a DAY at the FIJI Water Youth Clinic WITH Justin Timberlake..........

*Full Disclosure: Yes. I realize my life has gotten increasingly CRAZY surreal, and please know that I am so thankful and grateful very every minute of it. It's days like YESTERDAY that make me so glad that I work as hard as I do...because it DOES pay off...and it's really great to be a part of such a fabulous charity and a fabulous EVENT. Did we meet Justin? NO. Did we get to spend 2 hours 20 feet away from Justin? YES. GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME!!!!

Retro was lucky enough to be asked to donate a Photo Cake, 250 mini cupcakes, and 55 regular cupcakes to feed the kids at the Fiji Water Kids' Clinic Kick OFF event for the Justin Timberlake Shriner's Open (happening ALL this week!) Each child attending got a back pack full of goodies, a cupcake, and an afternoon watching Justin golf and do trick shots with the TRICK SHOT MASTER, Peter Johncke.
The day couldn't have been MORE perfect...watching all those kids (a lot of whom have never had a chance to BE on a golf course since they're in the hospital so much), have a GREAT time eating cupcakes and cheering on was sincerely MAGICAL. We were SO honored to be a part of it.

*Full Disclosure: it's days like yesterday that make all the hard work worth it. I truly LOVE being able to donate what we can to make a difference in someone else's life.

SO, as I ride on THIS high for a while...Enjoy the Cupcakes/Cakes O' the Week!

Fondant bride and groom cupcake tower topper cake (figures made by Brian):

Baby Shower cake (made to match the invitation):

Pink and maroon topsy turvy wedding cake:

Party Hat mini cupcakes (party hat toppers provided by the customer):

And here's MORE of the BIG DADDY OF THE WEEK:

Close up view of Brian's FABULOUS flowers:
Baykahs, THAT IS IT....
My head is STILL full and trying to process what ACTUALLY happened this week...

It was a GREAT WEEK to be a BAYKAH.


Monday, October 11, 2010

I Don't Know Where YOU are...All I Know is I Need YOU to be...HERE with ME

Ello Baykahs!

What is PINK WEEK? Every year during the 2nd week of October we decorate ALL of our cupcakes PINK and donate 10% of ALL cupcake sales to the Susan G. Komen For the Cure Foundation!
Breast cancer (and CANCER in general) has been hitting WAY too close to home for me this year...and I LOVE that we can do our part by making and selling cupcakes!! (I even dyed my faux hawk pink...that is my FAVORITE PART!)

*FULL DISCLOSURE: I've had pink hair for only a day so far, and you wouldn't BELIEVE the stares I get outside of the bakery...I'm used to that just having my hair the way it is normally, but people react VERY STRANGELY to the pink...and don't talk to me as much...walk in the other direction...WEIRD.

So, THIS is PINK WEEK, but last week? WEDDING WEEK. 10-10-10 was one of our BIGGEST wedding days of the YEAR, and we had about 10 times the wedding orders we normally do...BUT since we did a lot of small wedding towers with cupcakes we didn't have a TON of pics for the blog...BUT we had one tower that MADE NEWS: Andre Agassi's Foundation for Education cupcake tower!!!

YES! We we honored to provide cupcakes for the auction preview event for Andre Agassi's 15th annual Grand Slam for Education! We made 200 cupcakes and 200 minis for the event that previewed all of the AMAZING items up for auction to support his charter school here in Las Vegas.

*Full Disclosure: Did we MEET Andre? NO. BUT Retro was included in his THANK YOU from him in the Review Journal newspaper...RIGHT BETWEEN RED BULL AND SAKS. AHAHAHAHAH! Red Bull, RETRO BAKERY, SAKS??? I couldn't believe it...our little bakery in between two of the BIGGEST companies in the U.S. (YES, I know it's alphabetical...but still...). I have been a fan of Andre's since MIDDLE SCHOOL, and he has done SO MUCH for this town...the LEAST I could do was give them some CUPCAKES!!

SO, after we set up the Agassi event we dove HEAD FIRST into WEDDING ORDERS! And HERE THEY ARE!


Cupcakes and cake for @msrib : (picture courtesy of HER twitter!):

True Love Never Dies cake (to top a cupcake tower):

Married in FABULOUS Las Vegas cake:

50th Anniversary cake:
And the BIG DADDY of them ALL: The HATTER CAKE

*Full Disclosure: this cake was actually for 10/06/10 for the HATTER wedding...GET IT?? Such a cool idea!

Love is STILL in the air in Las Vegas, can feel it. THOUSANDS of couples saying their vows and feelin' LUCKY in's one of the things that I love BEST about Las Vegas: ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE HERE.


ADDED on 10/13: Here's The Lucy Show! Lucy gives YOU a tour of the cupcake case on PINK WEEK!

Monday, October 4, 2010

I've Been Feeling SO Much Older...Frame ME, and Hang Me on the Wall

Ello, My SWEET Bakahs!
Happy MONDAY! Yes. HAPPY!!! I really AM happy. I've had week to work through those feelings of inadequacy and regret from making stupid mistakes, and I feel MUCH better...and a little older.

WHY? Because it was my birthday on Saturday....I am 35.


35 is BIG to feels substantial. It feels LEGIT. It feels OLD. BUT, I don't FEEL 35...I've been told I don't look 35 (whatever 35 looks like...), BUT I'm trying to embrace it and say it as much as I can, so my brain can accept it. (my HEART will always be 17...).

This birthday was pretty special simply because so many of YOU let me know how much you care about me, and THAT made me feel so good that the age thing didn't even HIT me. I felt so appreciated and cared about that I really didn't care that my thirties are 1/2 way done... When you have people that care about you, then it really doesn't matter HOW old you are. It just matters that YOU show them how much YOU care about them TOO, SO:

THANK YOU ALL for your wishes and messages and FABULOUS gifts on my birthday. I want you all to know that you really matter to me, and I am so thankful to have you all in my life.

FULL DISCLOSURE: SPECIAL shout out to Stephanie Hoffstadt in OREGON and Porche Lovely in COLORADO who went out of their way to send me some pretty awesome STUFF! These two women know me better than I know myself some days. THANK YOU, GIRLS!

What did Brian give me??
Well, the best gift EVER (besides my GIRLS!): a PRINTED book version of THIS BLOG. (who knew you could do that??). It looked like a TEXT BOOK! (who knew I could write THAT much???). It was one of the best gifts I've ever received. I was so overwhelmed. It was amazing seeing all the pictures from the past, all the song titles, all the MEMORIES on paper...totally different than on a screen. It felt so OFFICIAL! (He also took me to the TOP of the Rio Hotel where we ate dinner at VooDoo Lounge followed by seeing PENN AND TELLER!!!! LOVE those guys!).

Overall, 35 doesn't feel as bad as my 17-year-old self THOUGHT it was going to feels a lot like 17, with just a little more BODY CREAKING.

Speaking of BODIES: Let's get to the CUPCAKES/CAKES O' the WEEK!

Crime Scene birthday cake:

Record cupcakes:

Irish birthday cake (Cinnamon Toast CAKE!):
Buzz and Woody-inspired Toy Story cupcakes:

Black and pink zebra bow cake:Skull birthday cake (GLAZED DONUT CAKE!):

ANOTHER pink and black zebra cake:AND the Big Daddy of the Week:
A three-tier wedding cake HAND-PIPED by Brian himself...(he said he had to stay fresh with piping, since he usually leaves THAT to Kim Chew!):
That's IT...and YES, you don't see a birthday cake for ME in there...
Every year I get MY birthday cake at the grocery store. I eat white cake with vanilla butRcream ONCE a year, and it is FABULOUS. I know it's weird...but that's what makes me ME.

Here's to 35 MORE years of ME...let's just hope these years don't go so FAST...